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Membership Application


Membership Application

Please join!

(Just copy this into your word-processor and print it out from there, fill it out, and send it in with payment.)




I.C.P.H.A. was created by sincere horsemen to:

Organize and conduct horse shows and exhibitions for the general public; create, stimulate and maintain interest in show horses; promote the interest in horse and pony care, breeding, and showing; further the art of riding and to encourage horse mastership and the welfare of horses and ponies.

Any person who has an interest in any of these purposes is invited and encouraged to join ICPHA. Membership will bring you a subscription to The Horseman's Corral and an ICPHA Rule Book (See Rule Book for ICPHA Rules & Regulations to qualify for year-end awards). Be sure to check out the ICPHA website: for 2006 show dates, judges, rule book, updates, and other ICPHA functions.

If you were to win an award, please check one of the following: (If family, please specify which person wants what award.)

______Award chosen by Awards Committee_____________________________

______Gift Certificate_______________________________________________

______Either are fine_______________________________________________


Name: ____________________________ _____ Phone: ______________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: ________ Zip: _________________

E-mail Address: ________________________________________________________

______Youth (18 & Under) $20.00 ______Adult (19 & Over) $25.00

______Family $35.00

Please list family members first and last name and ages. (Children must be 18 years or younger as of January 1 and reside at same residence for family membership.)

I/We hereby agree to and will abide by the rules of ICPHA.

_________________________________________Date: ______________________

Make check payable to: ICPHA

Submit to Cindy Saling, 6825 Fairmount Rd SE, Newark, OH 43056-9248

Home: 740-323-0546 Cell: 740-404-0448